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The System of Traditional Chinese Medicine



Although traditional Chinese medicine is as old as Chinese history itself, if it is new to you, you will likely have many questions about this type of medicine and what it can offer you for your good health.The brief overview of its philosophy and components will help you understand it quickly.


Traditional Chinese Medicine includes four distinct methods of treatment: herbalogy , acupuncture ,manipulative therapy and food cures.In addition ,it encompasses the remedial exercises Qi-Gong and Tai-Ji.


Traditional Chinese medicine goes back over 3,000 years.It was not developed by any particular individual;rather, it grew out of the necessity of maintaining good health among the Chinese people.The ancient Chinese ,like all of among the Chinese people.The ancient Chinese ,like all of us,had to struggle against disease in order to stay in good health. In the process,they came to see the benefits of consuming herbs (known as Chinese herbalogy today),eating the right foods (known as Chinese food cures today),massaging the body (known as Chinese manipulative therapy today) and exercising the body (known as Qi-Gong and Tai-Ji.


Today,traditional Chinese medicine is practiced in China side by side with modern western medicine.There are as many hospitals of traditional Chinese medicine as modern hospitals of Western medicine.From the Chinese point of view, traditional Chinese medicine is on an equal footing with Western medicine; in fact, many Chinese value traditional Chinese medicine over Western medicine.

You may ask why we need traditional Chinese medicine when modern,scientific medicine is available to all of us.The reason that many disease and ailments that cannot be cured by Western medicine can be treated by traditional Chinese medicine successfully.It is a fact that many patients experience instant relief of pain when treated with with Chinese acupuncture, which cannot be achieved by Western medicine. In addition, traditional Chinese medicine proven superior to Western medicine in the treatment of skin,liver and kidneys disease ,as well as many others disease.


When you go to see a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine , the doctor will observe your complexion and look at your tongue, take your pulse and ask your many questions about your symptoms ,your eating habits and your food preferences.Then the doctor will come up with a diagnosis of what is wrong with your body and tell you whether you need acupuncture or herbs and whats are foods good for you.


In China, virtually all kinds of disorders are treated by traditional Chinese medicine.Some disorders may be more effectively treated by acupuncture ,others by herbs; still others may be best treated by food cures.In general, pain and muscular symptoms are more effectively treated by acupuncture , skin diseases and diseases of internal organs by herbs.However, it is necessary for a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine to make a diagnosis before deciding what type of treatment would be most effective for a particular patient.When a Western doctor tells a patient that there is no cure for a certain disease ,it does not necessarily mean that the disease in question cannot be cured by treatments in traditional Chinese medicine either  it’s only means that there is no cure for the disease by methods of Western medicine.


There are a number of basic differences between the two distinct types of medicine.First of all, Western medicine focuses more on the treatment of symptoms ,whereas traditional Chinese medicine focuses more on causes,Western medicine is more useful for first aid and surgery, while traditional Chinese medicine is more useful in treating skin and internal disease and chronic cases in particular. Many remedies in Western medicine are based upon the results of experiments with animals which may not be effective with the human body,But the remedies in traditional Chinese medicine are based upon successfully experience in a practice ,which are more reliable.Most Western chemical drugs strong and tend to produce serious side effects. On the other hand Chinese herbs,acupuncture and food cures and food are less drastic ,can be longer-lasting in effects and,when used the right way, generally reduce side effects.


Although traditional Chinese medicine and Western operate very differently,it is wise to consult a Western medical doctor in order to get a diagnosis, which may be of some use to a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine and to get the best possible medical care available in a modern society.


Traditional Chinese medicine is based, first and foremost, on a classic published in the third century B.C ,entitled Nei-jing , or The Yellow Emperor’S Classics of Internal Medicine.Western medical books often become obsolete in the course of time (most likely within a few years),but many books on traditional Chinese medicine written by Chinese physicians in the past have become timeless classic. The following passage from the above –mentioned celebrated classic may shed some light on the nature of Chinese medicine,”The disease of the five viscera may be compared to a sharp needle in the skin ,a stained chair,a knot,or deposit of mud and sand in a river.One can still remove a needle from the skin,no matter how long ago it was used to prick the body.One can still wash off a stain,no matter how how long it has been on the chair.One can still untie knot,no matter how long ago it was tied.One can still remove a deposit of mud and sand in a river, no matter how long it has been there.Some people assume that a disease cannot be cured,simply because it is a long history, but the truth of the matter is that an outstanding physician can cure a disease for the same reason that one can pull a needle from the skin,wash off a stain from the chair,untie a knot, or clear the blockage from a river.A needle disease with Avery long history can still be cured and those who think otherwise have not really mastered the art of acupuncture.